Mark Griffiths Inspiring Plants


Inspiring Plants was originally set up as my hobbyist site in 1999 - it's now being completely reconstructed with all new photos and text. Rebuilding is likely to be several months, starting with the plant groups I have the largest number of images of.  Mark


January 2018 - Basic Cyclamen pages completed. I will add further pictures and text in the future.  

February 2018 - Identified the rest of the images for the site from over 10 years of photos. 

March 2018 Working on the alpines and bulbs pages - Acis, Allium, Alstroemeria,  Androsace, Aquilegia, Asperula, Campanula and Lewisia pages already added.

April 2018 completed Fritillaria, Rhodohypoxis, Primula allionii and Pleione pages