Mark Griffiths Inspiring Plants

Cyclamen rhodium - this used to be C. repandum ssp. rhodense. It now also includes ssp. peloponnesiacum and ssp. vividum which were formerly also under repandum (I think).

The type plant of C. rhodium, now more correctly C. rhodium ssp. rhodium is a pretty plant with white flowers and a pink nose. I did have it many years ago but generally it is not an easy plant to maintain and all the seed I have obtained from the Cyclamen Society as well as commercial sources has turned out to be  ssp. peloponnesiacum .

ssp. peloponnesiacum is a much more robust plant and much more vigorous. I had an escapee that grow in a trough and I then moved out into a rocky part of the garden. It grew large leaves and big flowers before finally disappearing. Generally it is pink with a noticeable darker nose. It comes easily from seed.

ssp. vividum - like variety above but has much darker flowers and the nose is much less obvious. I had this from a Cyclamen Society Expedition collection but I've noticed since then when I get in seed it seems to be intermediate with ssp. peloponnesiacum  which makes me think some hybrisation has occurred.