Mark Griffiths Inspiring Plants

Cyclamen libanoticum - from the Lebanon. A very distinct spring flowering species - one of the my favourites but it's not so easy to manage. It comes well from seed and flowers well when young but I find the plants to dwindle after about 5 years. The other problem is that the leaves tend to yellow in preparation for it's summer rest as it comes into flowering. I may try some in the frame and see what happens.

Generally in cultivation it is fairly uniform, although the plants from the Eliot Hodgkin collection are darker with narrower petals. It's also more difficult to grown and I've only got seed from it once and I swapped that with another enthusiast. It's the last plant above. It seems in the wild it is more variable although I don't think there have been any further seed collections.

The second but last is a nice leaf form - unfortunately the leaves haven't shown the same pink colouration in the last two years.