Mark Griffiths Inspiring Plants

Cyclamen africanum - from Algeria and Tunisia. It resembles C. hederifolium but is said to be larger, with thicker toothed leaves and the stems go straight up from the tuber. However there is also a hybrid between africanum and hederifolium and it can get a bit tricky sorting them all out. Supposedly there is another method, a bit like a witch trial - if you put a plant outside in the winter and it dies then it was africanum. But then of course you have no plant.

That aside it's an easy going plant which is often scented and helps to welcome in the season's change by flowering Aug - Oct. Flowers usually before the leaves. It sets seed freely and the seed germinates well.

Above the third plant in is the darkest I've seen. The fourth and fifth is from Tilebarn nursery (now closed).