Mark Griffiths Inspiring Plants

Asperuladaphneola - this was a huge disappointment. I'd seen photos of this in the wild and thought I would give it a go. Like many of the others in the genus it tends to draw under glass - I moved it out to a trough which obviously wasn't sunny enough for it.   


Asperula arcadiensis - this one comes with a health warning re the name. Many years ago one of the classic alpine house plants was Asperula suberosa. I grew it off and on but generally found it drew a bit and flopped about. At the time A. arcadiensis was written about in hushed tones - I never saw one for sale or at shows or in the AGS bulletin. A few years back I read that A.suberosa was actually a plant with brown flowers (!) and that  A. suberosa was now A. arcadiensis (which then begged the question what was A. arcadiensis now called?). Anyway I bought a plant a few years back under the name of A. arcadiensis and while is was puzzled by a comment that it was hard to propagate (A.suberosa comes easily from cuttings) I assumed it was as A.suberosa of old. I congratulated myself on having finally got it to be more compact and getting a much better flower display. Only when I came to do a bit of research for this page on the AGS site did I realise that after all, I probably do have A. arcadiensis. I've managed to propagate it. Let's hope I can keep it going.